Aluminum joinery : CORTIZO

Residential or industrial windows and doors

70 mm systems

This 70 mm frame depth hinged system offers great thermal and acoustic performance combined with very simple fabrication, which is why it has become one of the most demanded series for aluminium windows, doors and balconies.
It could be a painting, but is a window. This is how we can describe the COR 70 Hidden Sash which, like the 80 mm version, has a sightline of only 66 mm and allows the incorporation of the ARCH INVISIBLE handle, concealed hinges and the drainage solution. Any element that breaks the visual harmony of the ensemble is discarded.
Hidden sash system oriented to the French market with monoblock frame that makes installation easier. Using this new frame allows faster fabrication and installation,avoiding overlaps, cills and any other complementary profiles, speeding up assembly and fitting. The fabricator can choose either straight or 45° cut.
Thermally broken window that allows for both side hung and top hung outward openings. This solution, with a thermal break zone of 32 mm and a transmittance Uw from 1.0 W/ m²K, has the British security certification PAS 24, being especially suitable for this market.

80 mm systems

With a 80 mm frame depth, the COR 80 Industrial series responds to the most severe climatic requirements thanks to its thermal break with 45 mm tubular polyamide strips and the incorporation of polyolefin both around the glass and between the frame and sash.
Elegant design with straight aestheticin which the sash is concealed behind the frame, thus maximising the glazed surface and the entry of light. Added to all of this is the great thermal and acoustic performance prompted by the 45 mm thermal break and a glazing capacity of up to 51 mm that allows the installation of triple glazing.
Certified for the warm-temperate category, this system offers exceptional thermal insulation thanks to its special foams on the frame and sash. With a transmittance value Uw from just 0.66 W/m²K, it is an ideal solution for buildings with low energy consumption.


» Coplanar door entry system with straight lines and frame depth of 70 mm

» It allows for the set up of an emergency exit with anti-panic devices according to EN 179 & EN 1125 regulations

» Resistance to repeated openings and closings
(EN 1191:2000) : 1,000,000 cycles

» Maximum glazing: 54 mm

» Possibility of hidden hinges

» Coplanar door entry system with straight lines and frame depth of 80 mm

» It allows for the set up of an emergency exit with anti-panic devices according to EN 179 & EN 1125 regulations

» Transmittance from 0.8 W/m²K

» Maximum glazing: 64 mm

» Possibility of hidden hinges

This new entrance door from CORTIZO answers the latest design trends . The system is designed to allow large pivot openings suitable for contemporary architectural projects, and it offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance along with minimalistic sightlines.

»Compatible with the Millennium Plus door system, both 70 and 80 mm.
»Test values by type and panel.
»Allows the incorporation of a panel integrated into the sheet with a totally clean aesthetic.

» Up to 14 sashes: inward and outward opening

» Possibility of either even or odd number of sashes

» Option to embed the lower frame in the floor


» Sliding window and door system with straight aesthetic which has a slim interlock of just 35 mm.

» It allows to have glass thicknesses of up to 36 mm, increasing the thermal and acoustic performance.

» Its sashes of up to 240 kg can reach the dimensions of 2200 (W) x 2600 (H) mm

» Interlock profile: 20 mm

» Maximum surface glazing area

» Possibility of embed the bottom, top and lateral frames with in the wall

» Possibility of pocket system

» Possibility of sash encounters at a 90° corner without a mullion

» Minimalist sliding system specially suitable for large dimensions (up to 4,000 mm/sash of width or height)

» Possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94%

» Visible section of just 25 mm

» Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance

» Lift & Slide door system that exhibits the best thermal insulation

» Uw from 0.9 Wm²K

» Possibility of two options for central sash encounter, 110 mm standard section and minimalist solution of only 50 mm


The new generation of curtain façades consisting of a basic system with a wide range of mullions and transoms that provide solutions for all the aesthetic and constructive needs of architectural projects by integral solutions.



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