Door and window accessories

External rollers

The exterior roller blinds overlapping the joinery elements are mounted together with these. The advantage of this system is the possibility to fully mask the roller blind box. There are two types of boxes: TermoStor Unibox and TermoStor Unibox Plus. The Unibox TermoStor has an inspection cover on the back side, therefore this TermoStor can be only plastered on the outside. The Unibox TermoStor has an inspection cover on the lower side, therefore this TermoStor can be plastered both on the outside and on the inside.
The applied roller blinds can be installed at any time. They are attached to the existing carpentry, and their maintenance is easy and fast. These are of two kinds: TermoStor with half-round box and 45º box. Roller blinds are one of the most effective and healthy ways of shading a room. Studies have shown that using roller blinds in winter can reduce thermal energy consumption by approx. 10%, while in summer it can make an air conditioning system unnecessary.
it is installed 3 times faster than a conventional solution; offers the possibility for users to enjoy electric roller blinds where access to electricity is limited; does not require repair work after installation, as the assembly does not require any connection to the power supply network or to the control point;
  • Somfy IO
  • Somfy RTS
  • Radio switches
  • Wired switches


The Clasic shutters are aluminium shutters with clean and beautifully balanced lines, ideal for a multitude of architectural styles. In order to meet various aesthetic and functional demands, different variants were created, all starting from the basic form.
Characterized by the lateral sliding opening, the shutter slides on the rollers by which it is suspended on the upper rail. The entire rail + roller system is masked by a box that complements the modern design of the shutters. They can have one or two panes.


Insect nets are an aesthetic and highly functional protection against insects. Aluprof offers three insect net systems on fixed, folding and rolling frame, two rolling insect net systems and a pleated net. Thanks to this diversity, you can choose the insect net suitable for each type of window and room. The design allows the simple installation of the insect net on the window and door profiles.


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