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Insect nets are an aesthetic and highly functional protection against insects. Aluprof offers three insect net systems on fixed, folding and rolling frame, two rolling insect net systems and a pleated net. Thanks to this diversity, you can choose the insect net suitable for each type of window and room. The design allows the simple installation of the insect net on the window and door profiles.

The MRO insect net fits perfectly in balcony doors. In rooms where we need continuous protection, such as the bedroom, the bathroom or the children’s room, the MRS insect net with fixed frame is a good solution. Considering that aluminium joinery is starting to play an increasingly important role, not only in office or commercial buildings, but also in residential buildings, we decided to adapt fixed insect nets for installation on aluminium windows. The MRSZ system does not limit the functionality of the window in any way. In the case of terrace doors, the ideal solution is the MRP sliding insect nets. The kitchen is also an ideal place to install the MZN roller insect net, with the advantage that it can be opened and closed at any time. This net will be appreciated by those who want to protect their children. To protect lofts, we developed the MZH insect net system, which, thanks to the use of a special hook, is perfectly suitable for installation on loft windows. A novelty in the offer of Aluprof is the MPH HARMONY insect net, which was designed mainly to save space, thus allowing optimal use of the surface. The MPH HARMONY pleated insect net system is Aluprof’s newest solution designed primarily for space saving. This solution is already available in the MPH DUAL version, as a two-fold variant, with the option of the insect net corner without mullion, the MPH VERTI version, for installation on window frames and loft windows. Aluprof insect nets are made of aluminium and are available in several colours, which allows the product to be matched with the window frame and the façade of the building.

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