Overlapping exterior roller blinds

The exterior roller blinds overlapping the joinery elements are mounted together with these. The advantage of this system is the possibility to fully mask the roller blind box. There are two types of boxes: TermoStor Unibox and TermoStor Unibox Plus. The Unibox TermoStor has an inspection cover on the back side, therefore this TermoStor can be only plastered on the outside. The Unibox TermoStor has an inspection cover on the lower side, therefore this TermoStor can be plastered both on the outside and on the inside.
Roller blinds are one of the most effective and healthy ways of shading a room. Studies have shown that using roller blinds in winter can reduce thermal energy consumption by approx. 10%, while in summer roller blinds can make an air conditioning system unnecessary.

The main benefits of TermoStor are:

  • Shadow: the possibility of dosing natural light
  • Constant temperature: prevents excessive heating of the house on hot summer days and prevents heat loss during winter
  • Restful sleep: ensures the necessary silence and obscurity during sleep
  • Privacy: protects from prying eyes, especially when the windows face the street or a neighboring house
  • Security: additional protection against break-in attempts

TermoStor can also be fitted with an insect net, in which case the insect net roll is inserted in the roller blind box. From the point of view of actuation, TermoStor can be controlled manually, by a ribbon, string or crank, or electrically by means of a control button or by means of a remote control.


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