Solar external blinds with photovoltaic cells

Among the special benefits of Solar photovoltaic cell rolls are the following:

  • it is installed 3 times faster than a conventional solution;
  • offers the possibility for users to enjoy electric roller blinds where access to electricity is limited;
  • does not require repair work after installation, as the assembly does not require any connection to the power supply network or to the control point;
  • their assembly is done exclusively outside the building without the need for the owners to be at home.

To achieve these and other equally surprising performances, MCA Solar photovoltaic cell roller blinds are equipped with Oximo 40 WireFree RTS technology, a kit that includes an exterior roller blind motor, a battery and a photovoltaic panel. This is the creation of the French manufacturer Somfy, who, for over 50 years, has made the daily lives of millions of people around the world easier with its intelligent building management solutions.

Due to the MCA Solar Oximo 40 WireFree RTS roller blind motorisation technology based on photovoltaic cells, these roller blinds provide outstanding reliability, as well as unique performance, such as:

  • LONGEVITY (the service life of the photovoltaic panel is +15 years, and the battery life is between 8 – 10 years);
  • AUTONOMY (the roller blinds have 45 days of autonomy for total obscurity and 2 up and down movements of the roller blind carpet / day);
  • UNIVERSALITY (the photovoltaic cell roller blinds can be installed anywhere in the world, regardless of the sun light level, and this photovoltaic technology is compatible with all types of roller blinds).

If you are wondering how exactly the Oximo 40 WireFree RTS technology works embedded in the MCA Solar photovoltaic cell roller blinds, guaranteed by Somfy for 5 years, here are the steps of operation:

  • the photovoltaic panel captures daylight (whether it is sunny or not) and transforms it into electrical energy;
  • this energy is stored by the battery which can store it even for 45 days in total darkness, ensuring the operation of the roller for 2 descents and ascents of the slat carpet/day;
  • the battery thus supplies the Oximo WireFree motor with the necessary energy to operate.
The solar technology with which MCA Solar photovoltaic cell rolls are provided perfectly combines reliability and performance, while each of their 3 components gives them additional advantages, such as:

The Oximo WireFree RTS engine

  • it is an optimized solution for the security and protection of the roller;
  • detects obstacles and stops if it encounters them on its way down;
  • ensures anti-burglary resistance, as the lowered roll resists these attempts;
  • offers frost protection;
  • works reliably, stopping and starting easily to protect the roll.

The photovoltaic panel

  • it has a special aesthetic appearance, preserving, at the same time, the aesthetics of the facade, as it is discreetly mounted in the roller box;
  • has very good performance even when the sunlight is low;
  • it is mounted in a single copy regardless of the orientation of the window and the torque of the motor;
  • it is fixed universally, on any type of wall;
  • it can be removed if there is an obstacle in the way of light;
  • the supports for the panels allow it to be tilted by 15° to optimize the light intake.

The battery

  • has a breakdown solution with the Somfy external battery charger;
  • ensure the 45 days of autonomy.
  • Rolls with MCA Solar photovoltaic cells can be integrated within the complex TaHoma home automation system.


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