BENEFIT Garage Door

BeneFit sectional garage doors are the optimal choice in terms of the quality/price ratio. Building standard size doors leads to cost efficiency and reduction of material losses.

BeneFit doors are fitted with traction springs that can be mounted under the rail on which the door is sliding or on its sides. The main advantage of doors with traction springs is that the rail can also be installed done when the side poles and the beam are small.

BeneFit doors are guaranteed for 15,000 operating cycles. If we consider an average daily use of 3 cycles, we obtain a service life of over 10 years. Features of MCA BeneFit sectional garage doors:
  • The doors are made according to standard dimensions
  • SD = the springs located on the side of the sliding rail
  • DN = the springs placed under the sliding rail
  • Traction springs are guaranteed for 15,000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years


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