CARINA Garage Door

Carina sectional garage doors are the optimal choice in terms of the quality/price ratio. These doors are designed for garages with a maximum length of 4,500 mm and a maximum height of 2,250 mm. Carina doors are produced in stock, in 15 size variants and 3 colour variants, white, brown and anthracite grey. The doors are delivered quickly, from stock. The doors are fitted with traction springs installed in the side pillars of the door. Thanks to this technical solution, the required beam space is reduced to 120mm when the door is operated via the remote control. Carina doors are guaranteed for 20,000 operating cycles. If we consider an average daily use of 3 cycles, we obtain a service life of over 10 years.
Features of MCA Carina sectional garage doors:
  • The doors are produced in 15 standard sizes and in 3 color options: white, brown and anthracite gray,
  • Traction springs are guaranteed for 20,000 cycles,
  • Electric actuation, from the remote control,
  • The automations used bear the signature of SOMMER Aperto.


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