OPTIMA Garage Door

MCA Optima sectional garage doors offer the most flexible construction options. First of all, Optima doors can be built in any size; secondly, it should be noted that they are fitted with torsion springs that can be mounted both on the beam on which the door is applied, and behind the rails. MCA Optima doors are guaranteed for 25,000 operating cycles. If we consider an average daily use of 3 cycles, we obtain a service life of over 20 years.
Features of MCA Optima sectional garage doors:
  • They are made to the size designed by the architect
  • LHF = the springs are mounted in the front of the door, on the beam
  • LHR = the springs are mounted on the back of the door, on the rail
  • Hinges and panel covers are painted WHITE
  • Torsion springs are guaranteed for 25,000 cycles
  • Extended warranty up to 10 years


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