PVC joinery : Koemmerling

Residential windows and doors

System 70 mm double seal ( AD )

You do not have to compromise on the choice of windows. Safety and comfort are our standard of living. The Kömmerling 70 system helps you reduce heating costs and increase the comfort of your home. The 5-chamber technology and 70 mm installation depth ensure a very good thermal insulation. Insulating windows with different thickness can also be integrated to absorb as much noise as possible from the outside.

76 mm system

Double seal( AD )

The Kömmerling 76 double seal system offers all the benefits modern windows can give you. This double seal system with five chambers and 76 mm construction depth offers a fascinating combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions.
Light is essential for human life. It makes us happy and creates a sense of general well-being. Therefore, a comfortable and bright home is an important aspect of an ideal living environment. KÖMMERLING 76 helps you fulfil your dream of an environment flooded with light and creates a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Center seal

The central sealing system Kömmerling 76 offers all the advantages of modern windows. This central seal system with six chambers and 76 mm construction depth offers a fascinating combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions.
The new AluClip Zero variant of the PVC-U KÖMMERLING 76 central seal window system features a compelling combination of attractive design and outstanding technology. Users can choose from a total of three aluminium cover designs: a fully flush-mounted look and virtually flush-mounted glass pane, an offset version with a classic wood and aluminium look, and a third variant with full aluminium cover. – glass design.
Residential doors with aluminium cladding combine the benefits of both materials into one structural element. On the outside, the aluminium cladding offers almost unlimited possibilities in colour design, while on the inside, PVC-U profiles provide low maintenance, high dimensional stability and reliable functionality.

The 88 mm system

K0 88 with central seal ( MD )

It is the premium window for a new era: KÖMMERLING 88. The trend in thermal insulation. Future-oriented design. Pioneer in quality and security. And revolutionary individuality thanks to modularity and innovative update technologies.
The AddOn aluminium compound sash presents a convincing combination of modern design and optional integrated shutter and sunshade system. This results in the highest level of integrated comfort, and the additional glass pane also enhances the thermal and sound insulation.
When fitted with the appropriate functional glazing, even the standard version of Kömmerling 88 achieves the demanding thermal insulation targets for passive houses – Uf = 0.95 W/(m2K). With 48 mm insulating glass and Chromatech Ultra F spacer – Ug = 0.6 W/(m2K) – Uw value is 0.79 W/(m2K) and Uw, installed = 0.82 W/(m2K).

KO88 Residential doors

Design your residential door as you imagine it. To help you, KÖMMERLING 88 comes with a range of simple and metallic wood shades, as well as functional/ornamental windows, residential door panels and accessories. Whatever you choose, the KÖMMERLING 88 residential door system will offer your guests a friendly welcome – every time.

Sliding systems with lifting

PremiDoor 88 is a completely new lift/sliding door design. Maximum opening and closing comfort, excellent insulation values and aesthetic architectural elegance. Insensitive to rain, wind and outdoor noise – PremiDoor 88 features a compelling range of outstanding performance properties. PremiDoor 88 features an innovative sealing technology embodying the perfect interaction of three levels.


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