KOEMMERLING Premidoor 88 Standard

PremiDoor 88 is a completely new lift/sliding door design. Maximum opening and closing comfort, excellent insulation values and aesthetic architectural elegance. Insensitive to rain, wind and outdoor noise – PremiDoor 88 features a compelling range of outstanding performance properties. PremiDoor 88 features an innovative sealing technology embodying the perfect interaction of three levels.

There is one sustained trend in architecture: the desire for ever larger, continuous glazed areas and more openness. At the same time, these areas must meet the ever more stringent energy saving requirements. In order to meet both these demands, PremiDoor 88 consists of an innovative 88 mm profile. This profile system is characterised by its large construction depth promoting a high stability, excellent insulating values, and a wide glazing range up to 56 mm for special functional glazing.

In addition to size and shape, particularly the colour scheme and the elegance of the materials play a vital role. PremiDoor 88 offers you all the design potential you need for the optimal realisation of your architectural ideas. The range includes classical white, woodgrain, plain colour, and metallic laminates. Explore the range of flexible combinations, and you will find the perfect colour scheme for your home!



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