KOMMERLING residential doors - AluClip Zero

Residential door with inward opening

Residential doors with aluminium cladding combine the benefits of both materials into one structural element. On the outside, the aluminium cladding offers almost unlimited possibilities in colour design, while on the inside, PVC-U profiles provide low maintenance, high dimensional stability and reliable functionality.

The clip-on technology provides a lightweight connection between PVC-U and aluminium materials. The specially matched residential door variant is designed for a fully recessed look. Therefore, deformation under the effects of heat is eliminated. The new AluClip Zero design variant greatly expands the System 76 range in particular for demanding architectural projects and can provide its advantages exactly where the appearance of aluminium is as important as the functional benefits of PVC-U.

The KÖMMERLING 76 AluClip Zero residential door system embodies all the necessary requirements for high-quality door systems with outward opening. The high-insulated five-chamber system provides optimal protection against heat and cold. KÖMMERLING 76 residential doors also feature high base stability. Large steel fittings form a solid, closed frame. The sash corners are reinforced with welded corner connectors forming a solid connection with the steel reinforcement. Special hardware increases security to an even higher level.



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