Schüco Window AWS 70.HI Schüco AWS window systems with base depth of 70 mm combine good thermal insulation with the unique advantages of aluminium: durability and stability, small visible width and a variety of models. The Schüco AWS 70.HI window series offers in addition to standard solutions with outward opening or easy-access balcony doors, a full range of solutions for special design requirements.

Product advantages
■ Improved thermal insulation with a base depth of 70 mm: Uf values of 1.5 W/(m²K) (visible width of 117 mm)
■ Available with coplanar sash or outward opening
■ A wide range of profiles, including design systems: Schüco AWS 70 RL.HI (Residential line), Schüco AWS 70 SL.HI (Softline) and Schüco AWS 70 ST.HI (steel contour)
■ AWS 70 BS.HI block windows with hidden sash, which can also be used as “floating windows”
■ Compatible with the Schüco ADS range of doors



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