Sunscreen Blades

Sunscreen system for façades. This extruded aluminium blade system allows the light to be adjusted so that remarkable results are achieved by reducing the consumption of the interior cooling system of the building as a result of the creation of shadow areas that do not require energy for cooling. To cover the most diverse needs, there are blades of different sizes that adapt to any type of project.

It is a system with two types of blades: fixed and mobile. The first offers fixing possibilities in angles of 0º, 15º, 30º and 45º. The movable blades can be operated mechanically and, optionally, the adjustment mechanism can be hidden, obtaining a special façade look. The blade used has an elliptical shape and its layout can be vertical or horizontal. This unique elliptical shape allows both to avoid the less beneficial effects of the sun and to create a decorative architectural element. This sun protection system is especially suitable for large surfaces such as façades and curtain walls.


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