Discover new types of comfort with the TROCAL PremiLine plastic sliding system. A sliding door is an important and stylish element for your home or apartment. PremiLine profiles give sliding doors an attractive and distinctive look – thanks to double-bevelled sash profiles. The steel reinforcement and the aluminium-reinforced centre section of the PremiLine profiles provide compelling static performance, which allows creating large sliding elements. Different frames are available for different installation configurations. In this way, you can enjoy maximum freedom in selecting dimensions – both in terms of height and width. Personalised comfort.

Thanks to its particularly smooth operation, the PremiLine range is extremely smooth and easy to handle. Even on large glass surfaces, plastic profiles guarantee that sliding doors run extremely smoothly – thanks to the high stability of window sashes. Thanks to the high static performance of the overall construction, PremiLine sliding doors also provide a high level of security.

You can also choose the ideal design. In addition to the classic white PVC profiles, PremiLine is also available with our TROCAL DecoStyle colour range in various unique colours and wooden structures.



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