SOFTLINE 82 is a non-planar system with 82 mm profile depth, three seals and an internal geometry divided into 7 insulation chambers in the frame and 6 chambers in the sash. The SOFTLINE 82 system has an elegant design with slightly rounded edges.

With the SOFTLINE 82 system, doors can be built with a single leaf, two leaves, in variants with continuous frame or aluminium sill. Parallel sliding doors, folding doors and residential doors can also be manufactured. The system is complete and contains the entire range of auxiliary profiles.

From a static point of view, doors can be built under warranty in a single leaf with a maximum area of 2 m2 (sash: Wmax = 0.9 lm; Hmax = 2.2 lm) in white/colour variants. For two-leaf doors, in white/colour variants the maximum area is 1.8 m2 (sash: Wmax = 0.8 lm and Hmax = 2.2 lm). At the same time, the SOFTLINE 82 system allows building residential doors in white or colour versions, with maximum surfaces of 2.30 m2 (sash: Wmax = 1.00 lm; Hmax = 2.40 lm).

The remarkable thermal insulation coefficient up to Uw = 0.67 W/m2K can be obtained depending on the type of insulating glazing used. Thus, the SOFTLINE 82 system meets the default efficiency standard for passive houses.

The SOFTLINE 82 system is available in almost 50 foils in RAL colours, wood imitation or thermo-refractory metal foils, on both sides, only outside or only inside. The system also allows aluminium cladding.



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